#126 – Respect the elder (Πρεσβυτερον αιδου)

We are often told when growing up that we need to respect our elders and this Maxim reinforces that statement. But it is not just respect for those older than ourselves that it is referring to. It is also referring to having respect for those who are more experienced than ourselves in any given situation, even if the person happens to be younger than us. This is not always easy to do – especially as we get to the point where we ourselves might be considered to be an “elder”, but is very important to remember nevertheless.
The reason we are instructed to respect those who are elders is very simple. They have a breadth of experience that we may not have in a given situation. Even if we are also an “elder”, they may have different experiences to draw on in order to look at what is going on and see it from a different perspective than we would ourselves. It is for this reason that the respect is and should begiven. If we do not respect the elders in our lives we are ignoring this valuable resource and not allowing ourselves to learn the things we need to in order to, in turn, “Teach a youngster”.

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