#124 – Love whom you rear (Ους τρεφεις αγαπα)

This Maxim is both one of the easiest and the hardest of the Maxims to work towards. It is a parent’s natural inclination to love their child, but REARING that child properly is where the challenge of this Maxim lies. The rearing of the child and the loving of that child need to go hand-in-hand but sometimes parents go too far to either extreme and fail to maintain a proper balance of love and discipline (yes, that ugly word) causing problems for the youth as they get older.
When you love your child you want to do everything in your power to ensure that child’s happiness as well as their well-being. But that is not always the correct path to take as a child also needs to have firm boundaries in order to be truly happy and this is where the discipline of the child needs to also come into play – discipline which in the short term may make your child distinctly unhappy with you and with their situation. It is love which allows us as parents to discipline our children so that they can grow into happier, and unspoiled, adults. That is where the message of this Maxim lies for me.

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