#123 – Admire oracles (Χρησμους θαυμαζε)

This is an interesting Maxim for me as I had never thought of an oracle as something to be admired but as something to be honored as one honors the Gods themselves. The oracle is the earthly voice of one of the Theoi and it is a difficult challenge in this day and age to find someone who can act in that role, much less someone who genuinely does. This is not to say that there are not modern-day oracles, but that there is not enough respect for the title of Oracle to prevent people from fraudulently claiming the title.
This leads to the question of why in the modern era should we admire an oracle? A genuine oracle is one who does not claim the title for themselves – at least until they have had multiple people telling them that they have proven accurate and granted them the title. They are filling a specific role within the priest/esshood that is organically growing in the greater Pagan community and it is a very difficult role indeed. However, it is not a role that one chooses, it is instead one of the priestly roles that actually chooses you. It is for this reason that we should admire a true oracle, because the role is so demanding and often thankless otherwise.

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