#122 – Do not stop to be thrifty (Φειδομενος μη λειπε)

This Maxim is best expressed as “Do not stop BEING thrifty” instead of the construction the translators used because being thrifty is accepted as a virtue by just about every society. However there is a big difference between being thrifty and being greedy. Greed loves to disguise itself as thrift even though oftentimes it is the opposite of thrift and this is why we need to actively work towards thrift instead of greed.
Thrift will tell us that if we do not need a new phone and only want one that perhaps we should save our money. Greed will tell us that the expense is justified because we “need the new technology” and have to have the latest model with all of the bells and whistles. Thrift tells us that we should not spend money on entertainment before paying our bills. Greed often masquerades as thrift in us hoarding money “for a rainy day” when we live in a desert – that is to say not spending money even when it is in the budget for entertainment and other non-essentials. Thrift tells us that we do not need the biggest package, while greed justifies the purchase with “it’s a bargain”. Thrift ultimately is sensible, while greed often is not. Don’t be greedy, but don’t forget to be thrifty.

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