#121 – Do not tire of learning (Μανθανων μη καμνε)

The day we STOP learning is the day we are dead, but this Maxim instructs us to keep our interest in learning healthy. When we do not look forward to learning we handicap ourselves, but to keep ourselves excited about learning is an active process. We must allow ourselves the enthusiasm for learning that a very young child has. When we do this there are a couple of things that must happen. First, we must assume that we do not know things, and second, that we can know them. This is the attitude that our most successful scientists have cultivated and still cultivate.
A young child lives in a world where they are constantly learning. We too can live in such a world if we allow ourselves to. It is when we say to ourselves that “This is how it is”; and do not ask “How can it be?” that we show ourselves to be tired of learning. We have to maintain the curiosity that allows us to emulate the Pythagoras and Aristotles of the world. For without constant learning, our minds stagnate. And when that happens we begin to die inside.

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