#119 – Despise evil (Κακιαν μισει)

This would seem to be a self-evident Maxim as evil is something that we should always take an active role in fighting. But to despise something is even more strongly worded than to merely fight against it. To despise something means to look down on it with contempt or aversion. And it is this aversion to evil that this Maxim speaks of to us.
What do we do when we despise something? We look at it with loathing and do our best to avoid it whenever possible. But, evil is something that we cannot always avoid and because of that we then have to do our best to oppose it whenever we face it.
This is easier said than done as we cannot always see evil approaching, and at times even disagree with one another about what constitutes evil. It is easy to say that “X” thing is evil when one is in agreement with people who generally share that opinion, but it is harder to say when facing people who do not share the opinion that it is evil. An example of this is the debate that has been going on for forty years on the topic of a woman’s ability to have an abortion. No matter where you are on the issue there are people who feel that your position is evil. There are no easy answers, but the struggle is important in all cases – this one or others.

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