#118 – Do not abandon honor (Δοξαν μη λειπε)

This Maxim could also be translated to be talking about “glory” as much as other forms of honor. But true honor is found not in the pursuit of whatever we consider honor to be but in the pursuit of arête in our everyday lives. It is found in doing what is right instead of what is easy, despite the pain doing the right thing can cause. It is not found in the pursuit of fleeting forms of ‘glory’ simply for the sake of achieving that glory.
We are to instead pursue honor in the sense of living our lives in accordance with the principles of arête, humility, and persistence. We are to pursue honor by living our everyday lives in the best possible manner instead of simply choosing the easy path. We are to pursue honor by accepting that we must do even the most mundane of tasks as if we were doing the most glamorous.
This is not an easy thing to do as we are a society geared towards the glamorous and to fleeting forms of ‘glory’. We do not live in a society that acknowledges the simple, everyday things as being equally honorable with the things that can put us on the news (in a positive way). This is something that we must not forget however or we will fail to live the message that this Maxim hopes to teach us.

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