#107 – Pursue harmony (Ομονοιαν διωκε)

Harmony is often viewed as the opposite of strife. But harmony is not the opposite of striving with another for both to improve. It is the opposite of the negative strife of discord. We are told to “Despise strife” while also told to “Finish the race without shrinking back”. If harmony was the opposite of strife we would not be enjoined to pursue the POSITIVE aspects of what Eris brings.
What we are to pursue with this Maxim is the opposite of quarreling and divisive strife. We are instructed to make a harmonious life one of our goals by the God Apollo himself. We are instructed to attempt to build bridges of understanding and to avoid needless conflicts. Yes, some conflicts are unavoidable and that is why harmony is an ongoing pursuit instead of an accomplishment.
This is not always an easy thing to do. As I write this we are entering into the election season where I live and the politics are fast and furious. Some of my friends are on the other side of the political aisle from me and in order to preserve harmony we have to acknowledge that we disagree on certain issues. This is a way that I avoid discord and attempt to bridge the gap into greater harmony. We can all find similar ways if we choose to look for them.

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