#106 – Be grateful (Ευγνωμων γινου)

This Maxim is so basic that sometimes I wonder why it is included. But then I realize that it is because this is so basic to society that we sometimes forget how important it really is. Grateful means appreciative of benefits received and it is this appreciation that we need to demonstrate to others in our day-to-day lives.
Those words are easy to say, but like many of the other Maxims, the practice is difficult. It is difficult to see sometimes how we should be grateful even for our difficulties as the Gods send them to strengthen us. The Maxim “Be happy with what you have” is one way to help understand gratefulness as a necessity to our lives as is the one which says “Recognize fortune”.

We must appreciate the daily pleasures that we often are in danger of taking for granted because there are people who do NOT have these pleasures. We must appreciate our daily meals because there are some who are hungry. We must appreciate our homes because there are some whose “home” is a packing crate. We must appreciate our health because there are some who would give anything for it. We must appreciate the people in our lives because they help give it richness. And most importantly, we must appreciate the Gods for giving us all of these things.

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