#105 – Guard friendship (Φιλιαν φυλαττε)

One of the things that we should value the most in this life is friendship and this Maxim relates to that. Our friendships should be one of the things that we value the most in our lives and what we value, we should guard. This has been brought home to me by the renewal of a friendship that I had thought was lost.
Friends are often referred to as ‘the family you choose’ and this bond is usually far closer to that level than the ‘friends’ of today’s social networks. This makes the bond all the more important to safeguard. Because of this, one should not call someone a friend unless one is willing to do what it takes to help them in any situation where it is possible for you to help. When it is not possible for you to help in a physical way then it is your task to be an emotional support.
People can tell who is and who is not acting as a true friend and will frequently show disdain for what are known as ‘fair-weather’ friends. If you are a friend to someone only when things are good for them than you are not really a friend, just a ‘friendly acquaintance’

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