#101 – Repent of sins (Αμαρτανων μετανοει)

There is a popular misperception of Pagan religions in general that we do not have a concept of ‘sin’. This Maxim shows that there is indeed a concept of sin in at least the Hellenic tradition. In Greek, the word “sin” translates to English as ‘to miss the mark’ and “repent” translates to ‘turn around’. In these translations we find the key to this Maxim. We are to turn away from our mistakes and then work to correct them. This is not the same as beating our breasts over those same mistakes and living in a state of regret.
To repent is to turn away and that is what we must do with our mistakes. This is not the same as failing to acknowledge them as we need to know where we have missed our mark in order to correct our aim. And this is where we need to focus on the right thing. This way we can correct our aim in life to hit the mark of virtue. This is how we turn around and begin walking on the correct path. It is never an easy task as we do not like to admit to mistakes in our aim. But if we are to walk the path of virtue that is exactly what we need to do.

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