#98 – Give a timely response (Αποκρινου εν καιρω)

The timing of this particular Maxim is very interesting to me as it comes at the 2/3 mark on my journey through the Maxims. Responding to challenges in a timely fashion is rarely easily done. And it is because of this that the Maxim continues to challenge us until this day.
The problem with this is that there are distractions everywhere. And because of this fact we have to learn to focus on the now so that we may be able to give the correct response to situations and to be able to do so within a proper time-frame for the issue in question. It is this focus on time that I will be discussing today.
This Maxim requires us to understand that time can be looked at as a series of moments and because of this things must be done in their proper time. We must time things properly in response to events which may or may not be under our control. We must learn what responses are appropriate and how long it should take to accomplish them. We must also learn when responses need to be made and when they do not need to be made so that we can time the ones we make properly.

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