#88 – Tell when you know (Λεγε ειδως)

This Maxim is not about telling what you know willy-nilly despite who it will hurt. It is not about telling things behind people’s backs. What it is about is only speaking about something when you know the facts of the matter and not merely repeating what other people have said while insisting that you know the truth. It is about speaking up when you know the truth and are using that truth to further just actions and judgments.
It is about properly timing your speech on a subject to when such speech is appropriate and will do the most good. This timing is not something that is haphazard, as it comes from actively listening to the speech of others. This timing is something that is at times difficult because you have to know when to speak and when to keep silent. But it is something that with practice becomes easier to remember. But if you remember the Maxim that says “Restrain the tongue” it is something which can become habit. And if you also remember the Maxim which says “Accuse one who is present”learning proper timing becomes far easier. Tell the truth when you know it and in the presence of those affected. It is that simple, and that difficult.

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