#84 – Make just judgments (Κρινε δικαια)

This Maxim is sometimes difficult to achieve because we oftentimes judge before we have all of the facts of a situation. Getting the facts is not always the easiest thing for people to do as sometimes they challenge the pre-conceived notions we have from our past experiences or what we have been taught are ‘the facts’. Just as people were certain that the Earth was flat or that the Sun revolved around the Earth, people can be certain of many other things without having all of the facts. This is especially true in highly publicized trials and political campaigns.
In the modern era, there is no excuse for not getting the facts of the matter before making judgments. And, although people may make different judgments based on the same facts combined with their internal sense of what is correct or not, this does not always mean that the judgment of one is unjust simply because it differs from another. If a person has no basis for comparison, then it is easier to make an incorrect, yet still just, judgment compared to a person who has had direct experience of something. We must always work to find the truth of the situation before judging – especially when our passions are invoked.

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