#72 – Govern your expenses (Δαπανων αρχου)

This Maxim reminds us of something that we oftentimes wish we could forget. It is sometimes very difficult to stick to a budget, but in order to ensure that we can fulfill our obligations we must do so. Governing your expenses is more than merely following a budget however. It is an example of the principle of moderation in action. If we are moderate in our expenses we will likely have less of a problem in governing them.
The thing to remember here is that expenses are not just monetary. We have expenses of time and effort as well. And it is because of this that moderation becomes so very important. If we don’t govern our expenses in the non-materiel sense we will never get everything done that we need to (considering that sometimes we want more than we need in non-materiel things as well as materiel ones). We need to pace ourselves and budget our time as well as our money if we are to get things accomplished in a proper fashion.

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