#65 – Honor good men (Αγαθους τιμα)

This is an interesting Maxim in that often times we honor people who are less than honorable. When we do this, we create a climate for ourselves and our children where the cycle perpetuates itself and we end up with people who are “famous for being famous” or rather, infamous. When we honor musicians who misbehave over teachers we create an atmosphere where children would rather learn to be ‘thugs’ than learn basic math and science. When we elevate negative behavior over being contributing citizens we also create a climate where people are taken advantage of daily by the less than scrupulous.
How do we counteract this? We need to change the climate that we create on a day to day basis. We need to honor those who are good examples for ourselves and our children. We need to be the good examples we want our children to have. We need to show our children the way we want them to go with our actions as well as our words. We need to honor those who display the virtues we want our children to possess. If we honor good men, then it is more likely that we will be able to pass on the things we want to them. By honoring good men (and women) we make it more likely that our children will be good men themselves.

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