#64 – Gain possessions justly (Δικαιως κτω)

This Maxim tells us in no uncertain terms that we need to justlyget things. In other words, we have to earnwhat we get. This would seem to be self-evident, but increasingly people are using short-cuts in order to achieve their goals – especially monetary ones. As I am typing this, I have recently read an article concerning Wall Street executives saying that illegal practices are an accepted means of ‘getting ahead’ and that approximately one out of every three has engaged in illegal practices at one time or another.
This serves to point out the type of corruption that can ensue when the regulatory agencies do NOT uphold the law, but instead turn a blind eye to a problem until ‘someone else’ takes care of it. Of course, if ‘someone’ is going to take care of something, it also means that no one probably will unless they are made to do so. We all need to take steps to ensure that WE are not part of the problem. If we know of someone who is gaining unjustly, we need to speak to that person first to put them on notice that we are willing to speak out. If that does not work, we need to follow through. (This is different from slander/gossip in that it is something we approached the person about first and in that it is the truth).
Honesty in all things is part of the Maxims. This Maxim is just one example of that.

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