#62 – Praise hope (Ελπιδα αινει)

Hope was the one praiseworthy thing that was in the pithos of Pandora. Hope is what allows us to maintain our strength in difficult situations. Because of these things, this Maxim would seem to be an easy one. However, because hope also leads some of us to our downfalls, this becomes more difficult.
Hope is what is sustains people in times of crisis and hardship because we as mortals see possibilities for things to get better. Sometimes these hopes are realistic and other times they are not, but always what is consistent is the fact that we have hope. When the hopes are not realistic, they often lead to further difficulties so that we may learn the difference. Even when the hopes are realistic they are sometimes not realized in the way we would like them to be. However, realistic hopes lead us to make the efforts needed to make those hopes a reality. (Unrealistic ones sometimes do as well, but to no good purpose)
It is by using hope as a tool of virtue that we begin to see where the Maxim is pointing us. It is by using hope as a source of strength that we reach for arête. It is by using hope to sustain us that we reach our goals; and it is by using hope as a beacon that our imaginations are set ablaze. Indeed these things are worthy of praise.

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