#58 – Do what you mean to do (Ο μελλεις, δος)

In this world intentions are the foundation for everything else. If we do not do as we say we mean to do then we are shorting ourselves of opportunities. We are also not acting with the honesty that the Gods demand of us when we ‘mean’ to do something and then do not take the steps to actually do it. It is only when our actions match our intentions that we are acting in the way that we are supposed to. This Maxim, for some, is a difficult one to face as we often intend to do something and allow ourselves to be distracted.
We must learn to overcome those distractions if we are to make ourselves actually act on our intentions – no matter how small or large they are. If I intendto write daily but let myself get caught up other matters then I am NOT following the message this Maxim has for me. Even if I only write a little I am still doing what I mean to do. Even if we do not ultimately succeed in doing what we mean to do, as long as we make the attempt the Gods will see that and bless our effort. That is also part of the message this Maxim holds, the message that we must make the effort to actively do what we mean to do, not just INTEND to.

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