#57 – Use your skill (Τεχνη χρω)

We have all been given talents by the Gods. This Maxim is one that reminds us that these are gifts meant to be USED rather than allowed to sit idly. These skills range from simple to complex, from mundane to sacred (for example, those who write religious poetry). All of the various skills are needed for the running of a society. It is because of this fact that another one of the Maxims tells us to “Look Down on No One”. If someone is using their skills to the utmost, then they are worthy of respect even if they are a master ditch-digger.
It is only when we are not using our skills to the best of our ability that we give up the respectability that we are all looking for. Therefore it is our sacred duty to use our talents to the utmost – even as we make allowances for other people who may not be as skilled but are still trying. A young child will not be as skilled on their feet as an Olympic athlete, but as long as they are trying we praise them. This is something we need to remember for ourselves as well. Even if we are not always satisfied with the results of our efforts, as long as the EFFORT is our best, we can be happy – for we will have used our skills.

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