#55 – Give back what you have received (Λαβων αποδος)

To those whom much is given, much will be demanded. This is something that this Maxim brings to our attention. The Gods do not allow us to simply sit by and not use the gifts we have been given. These gifts include, but are not limited to, our time and talents. And this Maxim is about how we are to show our appreciation for the gifts we have been given.
No matter what it is that the Gods give us, we are always given enough to honor them with as well. This is true both with material and non-material things. It is often easier for us to give back if it is a tangible item, or money, than if it is a gift of time and effort. And we often forget that we cangive intangibles as well as tangible items.
However, we must give back whatever we have been given by the Gods according to this Maxim. It makes no exception for those gifts which are not readily quantifiable. It is the act of giving back that the Gods cherish – especially when it is done with good cheer and with enthusiasm. And it is the act that this Maxim admonishes us to do. Intentions are not enough for this.

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