#44 — Educate your sons (Υιους παιδευε)

This Maxim translates best into our modern times as “Educate your Children”, although in ancient times girls were not often given an education. Education is something that we should never take for granted as there are places in the world where children struggle – and sometimes suffer – to get educated. But, ultimately, as parents it is our responsibility to ensure that our children get the education we desire by working with them and inspiring them. As a parent of an intelligent child, it has been a challenge for me to ensure that she is also challenged so that she learns the things she needs to.
I am reminded of my own childhood and the things that I enjoyed. I also realize that she is not me and that she will probably end up enjoying things that are different than what I do. What she will learn and experience in school will only be one of the things that shape her however. What I do on a daily basis will also educate her. But what she will be learning from me is possibly the more valuable than anything she will learn out of books. I hope she will learn piety, self-esteem and good ethics from me and pray that the messages of the Maxims will be engraved upon her spirit. That is my responsibility and I pray daily that I will be up to carrying the load.

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