#43 — Be accommodating in everything (Παςιν αρμοζου)

This maxim is best defined by what it does not say. It does NOT say to be a doormat. It does say that we should be considerate of other people’s feelings and desires. Accommodation includes elementary politeness as well as flexibility in dealing with others. And, when we are accommodating, it is the first step towards civil discourse and civil actions in just about any situation. Being a doormat is taking that to a negative extreme as we ignore our own feelings and desires in the name of being “nice”. As with all extremes this should be avoided.
Accommodation, therefore, is give-and-take between people and to be desired if it is not one-sided. We as humans will often stop associating with people who are not willing to be accommodating in return. It is a healthy response, and one that the Gods desire for everyone. This means that although we must be considerate that we must also demand the same consideration from others. In the modern world, this is often seen as not being accommodating – something that is an error in that negotiation is not the same as appeasement, even if some people would want it to be.
We need to remember that to be accommodating is ultimately a search for balance in our lives and our relationships. This balance is part of “everything in moderation” – an underlying message of many of the Maxims.

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