# 42 — Have respect for suppliants (Ικετας αιδου)

This is a Maxim that should be self-evident. We should take pity on those who have less than we do and sincerely ask for our help. If we can give aid we should do so. This does not mean that we should be the proverbial soft touch, but instead that we should whenever possible render aid to those who truly need it should they ask. Because it is often very difficult to ask for help, we should take these requests seriously.
This does not mean that we should give past the point where we would be able to take care of our own needs and the needs of our families, nor does it mean we have to give to every person who asks. There are, unfortunately, people who will take advantage of generosity when they do not need to – for example, able-bodied people who beg on street corners instead of going to a day labor company for work because they feel they make more money from the “soft touches” among us. They take advantage of those who follow this maxim because it is sometimes hard to know if someone is really unable to work or just shamming.
This does NOT apply to those with obvious infirmities. Those people we must help if they ask. To do any less is a true affront to the Gods and to ourselves as we never know when we will be among them.

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