#40 — Foresee the future (Ορα το μελλον)

This is a maxim that exhorts us to “see” what is coming in our lives as best as possible. Obviously, as mortals, we cannot see everything that will happen. The best we can do then is to follow the Scouting motto of “Be prepared” in case of various eventualities. It does not take an oracle to know that earthquake zones will get earth tremors or that sub-tropical seacoasts will get severe storms during parts of the year. This is the type of foreseeing that this Maxim is talking about in our lives – seeing what is obviously going to happen and making preparations for when it does.
This is, of course, not limited to preparing for emergency situations, but for the details of the things we plan as well. It is always the single thing we forget that proves to be the most important – or most irritating. It could be seen as reminding us to bring the sunscreen, have safety pins at a wedding, or wear comfortable shoes. None of these things are momentous in and of themselves, but these small details can make a big difference in the outcome of much larger events.
Pay attention to the details, and be prepared, are both things that can be extrapolated from the words “Foresee the future”. I think that this Maxim reminds us that both are needed when looking forward, whether we are looking at large events or small ones in our lives.

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