#38 — Nothing to excess (Μηδεν αγαν)

This is perhaps one of the best known of the Maxims in that it strikes at the heart of what Hellenic philosophy tries to teach us. Moderation is one of the best known of the Hellenic virtues for a good reason. All of the philosophers teach it as part of their philosophy – even, or perhaps especially, in the form of this maxim.
Interestingly, this maxim, although well known, is one that is rarely followed in our modern societies where our every action seems to be exaggerated. We have “Super-Sized” our lives in an attempt to prove to ourselves that too much is actually enough. The thing being is that evidence is starting to show that a moderate lifestyle is actually much healthier for us. When we show self-control and do not allow ourselves to become an example of excess, even if people do not applaud us for it, others do notice and, hopefully, follow our example. When we do not exercise that same self-control, it is also noticed and, in most cases, derided.
We need to remember this Maxim the most when we want to the least. And that is also one of the challenges that are found in all the Maxims, not just this one.

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