Blogging the Maxims and other thoughts

First of all, thank you to those who have been following my journey through the Delphic Maxims. The series of blogs might eventually go to the creation of a book — Gods only know we need more of those. I have been doing at least one each day for about the past month and I can certainly say that it has helped get me in the habit of writing. One day I might even get a gig with an outfit that has me do a semi-professional regular column. It has also gotten me in the habit of doing at least some degree of introspection.

Between the blog and a friend’s note on a social networking site though, I have started wondering if all I am doing is spilling my verbal guts in an attempt to get attention. Because of this I am taking a day or so off from the Maxims to work on a couple of other projects.  I’ll be back to work on the next one soon!

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