#32 — Be impartial (Κοινος γινου)

To be impartial is to be without bias or objective. In some ways, this is a very difficult Maxim to apply in our daily lives because we – willingly or not – view the world through a biased lens. We are not and cannot be truly objective on many, if not most subjects. However, in order to adhere to OTHER Maxims we need to apply this one.
It is only when we look at the world in as unbiased a manner as possible for us do we as fully as possible embrace the Good and the Just as well as being able to shun the Unjust and Evil. It is this internal balancing act that we must embrace every day – looking for the FACTS instead of just jumping to a conclusion based on irrational prejudices.
As an example of these tendencies, in the United States, as I am writing this it is a Presidential election year and the elections are almost half a year away, yet many people have already made up their minds that they will either vote for or against the incumbent. Many of those people have done so based on bias generated from both internal and external voices rather than a hard look at records and results of the presumptive party candidates for each of the political parties. This Maxim admonishes us to actually look at those records and results – up to Election Day if need be to make our decision in as impartial manner as possible.
It is only when we embrace the balance of the facts that we can react to the world as it IS and not as we would want it to be. Neither rose-colored glasses or their opposite allows us to do that.

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