#18 — Honor providence (Προνοιαν τιμα)

This is a Maxim that tells us to be grateful for our good fortune which has been sent to us. This is especially true when we act upon this gift to obtain good results. Providence alone is not enough and in the Maxims, “honor” is always an active verb not a passive one. If we waste opportunity then we are not properly honoring this providence. 
All of the Maxims deal with our responsibilities in life and this one is no different from the others in that regard. Providence is what is provided to us by the Gods and as such it is our responsibility to do something with. This is not always easy – none of the Maxims are or they would not have to be reiterated to mortals. It is our responsibility to seize hold of this fortune lest we fail to “Exercise Prudence” (another of the Maxims) and blame the Gods for our failure to act upon what they have given us.
It is said that those who act foolishly will thereafter blame the Gods for the consequences of their actions. I submit that to fail to act upon providence is foolish and it is through our efforts in combination with providence that we succeed.

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