#11 — Think as a mortal (Φρονει θνητα)

This Maxim reminds us that we are only human, and as such we have to discard unrealistic expectations of ourselves. It does not mean that we should not think of ways to improve ourselves and our situations, but rather, it means that we should look at things in light of the famous Christian ‘Serenity Prayer’ and exercise prudence in determining what is our responsibility and what needs to be laid on the shoulders of the Gods.
To give an example of how this works we will use someone trying to re-enter the workforce after being out of it for almost three years due to the economy. If this person dresses their best for interviews, has a professional resume and is diligent in applying for work then it could be said that they have done their part as a mortal and finding a job is then in the hands of the Gods. If this person does not take the steps to make the necessary preparations then they cannot then blame the Gods for what does not happen.
Also, we must understand that we cannot do everything for ourselves and that once we have done our part we must then depend on something greater than us for the rest. This is the essence of thinking like a mortal for when we do not depend on the Gods to helpus when we have done our part we are engaging in hubristic thinking – thinking we do not need the Gods and that ultimately we areGods. We need to let go of the mindset that we need to do everything, and instead of that concentrate on doing things well.

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