#6 — Know what you have learned (Γνωθι μαθων)

This is a fun maxim for me as the mother of a young child. I see my daughter learning and growing each and every day. It also reminds us to be LIKE this child and truly KNOW the things we say we have learned. This is an active process, not a passive one and we must actively participate in the process if we are to follow this maxim in our day-to-day lives.
This Maxim reminds us that simply to learn something is not enough. We must DO something with the knowledge – even if it is just learning to say ‘please’ when we want more milk. If we do not do something with what we have learned, it is useless and we might as well have never gotten the information to begin with. I have run into this issue time and time again over the years when talking to adults. They have LEARNED how to deal with a particular problem that keeps cropping up in their lives but need to be reminded that they KNOW how to deal with that problem. And then it is a short step to DOING something about their problems.
I know how to write, but putting words to paper is often intimidating for me.  I am grateful to the person who inspired me with the challenge of going through all the Maxims in my blog. I may even turn these into a book someday – but only if I KNOW the lessons the Maxims are trying to teach me, both directly and through others.

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