#4 — Respect your parents (Γονεις αιδου)

This is one of the Maxims that we should pay attention to in that sometimes we confuse “love” with “respect” when it comes to one’s family. We can love someone without respecting them and respect them without loving them. This is especially true when you look at the relationships that many people have with their parents.
In my case, respecting my parents means honoring their memories as they have both passed, but for my other half it is an issue that he has had to struggle with. (To be honest, I struggle with respecting his mother as well). This issue is made difficult for a lot of people because of the confusion of love and respect (or “honor” for those who follow the Jewish Ten Commandments) and that in our society a child who does not “love” their parents is often told they do not “respect” them.
Respect does not mean you have to love OR obey your parents (at least as an adult) but it SHOULD mean that you honor the sacrifices that your parents have made for you and at least be willing to listen to their advice in most cases (even if you do not follow that advice). It means that you should be willing to accept that your parents are human and have made mistakes. It also means that you should be willing to respect the fact that you may not be following exactly the path your parents had in mind for you and that even if they still love you (and possibly even respect you) you will always be the little child they cherished.
On days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we should always remember to honor our parents – even if we respect them enough to NOT talk to them.

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