#3 — Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)

Eusebia (Piety) is one of the fundamental Hellenic virtues both in ancient times and today. Whether you worship the Olympian Gods or Jesus and the saints you will find that piety is something that you are raised with in many Greek families. And, it is most importantly, a matter of the heart and spirit.
The Gods do not NEED our worship, but they DO appreciate it and it is this that forms the bond between Gods and Man. The bond of worship is one of the strongest bonds and in its own way is as strong as any of the other bonds that hold the Cosmos together. It is the bond of Love, the bond of Wonder, the bond of Awe. It is not something that has to have an outward component, but can be entirely inward action if need be in the situation.
This is one of the wonders of worship. It can be as simple as a whispered prayer or a complex ritual for the celebration of a sacrament or mystery – and either way, if the intention is focused on the God who is being worshipped we, for a time, enter into a form of communion with the God that is unique to the relationship between Gods and Man. (This is of course unless creatures like the dolphins have Gods of their own that they worship in ways we mortal men cannot fathom.)
The experience of worship is unlike any other experience in that we may participate in. And it is this is why it has been so hard to write about.

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