#2 — Obey the law (Νομω πειθου)

This maxim is one that is a bit complicated for me. There are times when human law and divine law do not seem to line up with each other. In this case, I feel that it is best to follow divine law over human one.  In this I am very like many Christians, but in as I do not require MY understanding of divine law to be the law of the land I am also quite different.

For example, HUMAN laws in parts of the United States say that couples of the same sex cannot get married while in other parts of the same country HUMAN laws say that they can. Divine law would say to me that the marriage of two souls is something that transcends what sexual plumbing people have.  I am reminded of a story that Plato told about early mankind having double bodies and the Gods splitting them in two. Ever after the bodies seek to be reunited with their “other half”. In some cases the halves were of different sexes, but in others they were of the SAME sex. This would say that same-sex relationships would fall under “Looking for one’s other half” and would not be anathema.

As someone with clergy credentials, I would most willingly perform a “marriage” ceremony for a same sex couple – even if the laws of the state I am in would not recognize that marriage as valid. It is a case of following the Law as opposed to the law.

In cases where harm is actually done, divine law and human law tend to be one and I can certainly respect and obey just laws. It is our responsibility to make sure the laws ARE just laws however. Otherwise we have the type of conflict I describe earlier – a conflict where we may have to break the law to follow the Law…..

One thought on “#2 — Obey the law (Νομω πειθου)

  1. Very succinct, I appreciate this post. You also address the frequent relativism of the People's law versus the almost never flexible Gods' Law. Even the weight or punishment therein is understandably different. To break a Law of the Gods is far worse not necessarily because it's the Gods' Laws but because They only deal with the truly heavy hitting offenses and merits.

    Lady Bless,


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